"What is demagoguery, and where does it come from?" This is the question Colin Meloy of The Decemberists sought to
The Chicks' brooding anthem "March March" is at once sweeping and specific in its call for social reform. Released during
In 2017 Sufjan Stevens wrote “Christ would be ashamed of us all,” . He was referring to the refugee crisis,
The injustice and repression that marred Angola in his past became inspiration for this Manchester-based dark-electro artist. During the 1992
Indie folk band Bon Iver's “AUATC” immeidately brings memories of the hit 90's song, “Shed a Little Light", by James
The late icon found himself deeply troubled by the death of Freddie Gray. In response Prince wrote a tribute to
Grandson has made no secrets about his source of inspiration for this Rage Against the Machine cover....Tom Morello. A statement
This visually stunning Sean Evans video is a futuristic take on the story of labor activist Joe Hill who was
Gary Clark Jr. experienced a lot of racism growing up in the American south and 'This Land' is a testimony
Riot grill pioneers Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre) and Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile) lend their vocals to a parody of