Passion to the People : WELCOME TO ACTION

Passion to the People is a digital television network that showcases the people: their voice; their works; their art; and their passion in order to foster meaningful dialogue, create links between our communities, and assist in the evolution of a just society, unified and accessible to all.

Passion to the People is owned an operated by Pax Musicana Studios – a Washington DC based 501c3 non-profit media company.


Poet Taylor

Producer/Host, The Conflict Cables/Jus Curious Life

Poet Taylor is a lover of God, Bacon, Conversation and the “Village” (for which she’s coined as her signature name for her Listeners and the Community-at-Large), that strongly believes that no matter the obstacle, there’s always a solution. Poet (former co-Host of the “Joe Clair Morning Show”) can now be heard daily on the radio […]

Aliya Duran

Producer/Host, The Conflict Cables/Finding Face

Born and raised in Washington D.C with a very multicultural and musical influential upbringing, Aliya Elaine Duran is the CEO of a music and media based company called Mindbolic Entertainment. Ms. Duran has formed a variety of diverse entertainment segments from exclusive events such as red carpet awards, movie premieres, mainstream music release gatherings, charity foundations, and […]

Drew Gray

Co-Founder / Director of Programming & Production

Drew began his career in television working at companies including Disney, NBC, and MTV Networks. He currently works in commercial production and has produced content for the US Navy, American Express, the United States Holocaust Museum, State Farm Insurance, Walmart, and others.